Online English - Moroccan Arabic (Darija) Dictionary | Tajine qui parle

Online English – Moroccan Arabic (Darija) Dictionary

Online English – Moroccan Arabic (Darija) Dictionary

2800 words and expressions translated into Moroccan Arabic

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Audio Coming Soon

Native speaker audio is being recorded and added to our dictionary entries – watch this space for more info soon

Advantages of using the “Tajine qui parle” dictionary website

  • A growing, developing dictionary website designed to facilitate language learning
  • Words and expressions in current use in Morocco
  • Transcription in latin letters and arabic script
  • Explanations and examples to help with choosing the right word
  • All the word forms of the nouns and adjectives (masculine, feminine, singular, collective and plural)
  • Pronunciation and Grammar guides
  • We are now in the process of adding native speaker audio recordings of the Moroccan Arabic translations