About Us

How and why we created the TAJINE QUI PARLE dictionary

When we arrived in Morocco in 2015, we began learning Moroccan Arabic (Darija) in a language school. Every day we collected new vocabulary in our notebooks and at the end of a year we had several notebooks filled with useful words and expressions. However, whenever we tried to find a word, we didn’t know where to look – in which notebook and on what page? We looked for dictionaries to help us but very few exist and many are out of date and contain words that aren’t used today.

So, we decided to make a list of vocabulary in alphabetical order to help us locate all the useful vocabulary hidden away in our notebooks. Little by little the list continued to grow and became like a mini dictionary and we thought it would be useful for many other people if we put this dictionary on the internet.

As we continue to improve our knowledge of the language, this website will continue to grow and develop.

Work planned on the TAJINE QUI PARLE site

  • New Words and Expressions – We occasionally add new words and expressions in Moroccan Arabic, sometimes in new dictionary entries and sometimes by expanding existing entries
  • Arabic Script – we are adding arabic script to each word (a big help for those that know the Arabic Script) – 80% complete.
  • Audio – We are adding audio to dictionary entries to help you develop good pronunciation – we have been recording a native Moroccan speaker and are gradually working on editing and adding the audio files.
  • Blog – We have started a blog to share our knowledge and experience of language learning, Moroccan culture, travel and expat life (See “Blog” in the menu).
  • Newsletter – We just started a newsletter to keep visitors up to date with new content on the site.
  • Vocabulary Pages – We would like to add pages with basic vocabulary grouped by subjet (with audio) to help beginners get started.
  • Forum – We would like to create a space where you can ask questions about the language and be part of a supportive like-minded community.