sleep in Moroccan Arabic



n3s [نعس] CCC

make (someone) sleep


1. n33s [نعّس] CCC
2. jaa CC n3aas

this weather makes me sleep haad ljoo kayjee n3aas


1. n3aas [نعاس] m

I’m sleepy (I have sleep in me) feeyaa n3aas / jaanee n3aas

I’m dying of sleep (I’m very sleepy) ‘anaa meeyet(a) b naas

Are you sleepy? waash feek n3aas ? / waash jaak n3aas?

sleep has beaten me (I’m sleepy) ghleb 3leeyaa n3aas

sleep has taken me daanee n3aas

I’m not sleepy maajaaneesh n3aas

2. (yellow substance in corner of eyes) 3mch m

it’s better to have sleep (in your eyes) than blindness (expression) laH maa l3mch walaa l3ma

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